Professional Performance level since 2013

We are proud that APRIL has become the first Spanish supplier to obtain the professional level quality certification of ThyssenKrupp Elevator, one of the leading companies of elevators whose strategy is to provide the best technology with the highest quality for maximum passenger safety.

Why are we the best?

The best means of control and the most modern machinery combined with a qualified and motivated staff. We also have a know-how developed over more than 50 years in the sector. We manufacture about 1,000 references of different components per year, forcing us to know in depth all manufacturing processes.
APRIM has struggled for years to be able to provide for all necessary facilities for the manufacture of its components, thereby ensuring the highest quality operations.
Among APRIM customers are the world’s leading companies in multiple sectors.

Nivel Profesional


ThyssenKrupp Elevator develops intelligent solutions to meet all requirements in terms of mobility, technology and aesthetic. Their products transport people and loads easily and quickly every day at airports, metro and rail stations, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping and entertainment, factories or residential centers.


Rolling Corridors

Among other components, APRIM provides a set used in travelators ThyssenKrupp installed in airports.

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APRIM is the supplier chosen by the best companies

We offer machining, finishing and assembly of components for the most demanding industries.
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