So far is only a video, but worth a visit!

We have uploaded a new video Youtube APRIM where you can see our facilities, the means we have and how we conduct our business. In addition to manufacturing and machining of parts in small and large series, we perform various heat treatments and assembly of sets, offering our customers a full service, fitting your needs.

Later we will post more specific videos for each of the activities mentioned above. Feel free to also follow us on our official channel on this platform where we will update videos.

APRIM is a precision machined components supplier for various industries with ISO / TS 16949.

We specialize in manufacturing serial middle and high volume as well as heat treatments and finishes, including CNC turning, milling, drilling, tapping, broaching, grinding, frosting, heat treatment, induction hardening of parts up to 2 m, balls grinder , coating, etc.

APRIM uses a wide range of materials: metallic y no metallic.

Since 1965, APRIM has thrived by focusing on providing its customers high efficiency and the best quality. We put our experience to work for you. Manufacturing experience combined with cutting edge technology helps reduce costs and improve quality.