Hello, we are APRIM & We manufacture for the most demanding industries!

More of 1,000 different references/year They make us the precision components Spanish manufacturer  most compleate, reliable and experienced in the machining industry. But we are not only mechanized we also offer heat treatment and assembly services.

High Pressure Nitriding

Like the rest of nitriding is this novel process - UNIQUE IN SPAIN - contributes to steels and cast irons high surface hardness with a tenacious diffusion and therefore are also focused on solving problems of friction, wear, fatigue, breakage, etc.


Our facilities are prepared to deal with your shaft or gear. We offer from obtaining the raw material, machining and heat treatment to shipping the final product. Shafts and gears. Specialties. APRIM products.

Electric Control Panels, Gas Distribution and Mechanisms

APRIM performs various mechanical, pneumatic and electrical assemblies of . Sending products to our customers complete with higher added value. Our specialties are gas distribution to hospitals, switchboards and mechanical assemblies for complex systems.

Precision CNC Decolletage. Large and Medium series. Diameters up to 120 mm.

Our modern facilities have multiple bar turning machines with bar loaders 4m. We can manufacture a variety of complex parts using C axis and driven tools.

Precision CNC Turning. Large and medium series. Diameters up to 350mm.

Our modern facilities have multiple machines for turning in different production cells. We can manufacture a variety of complex parts using C axis and driven tools.


Cementación, carbonitruración, nitruración blanda, temple de piezas y utillajes. Tratamientos isotérmicos, recocidos, estabilizados y aliviados de tensiónes (distensionados). Nitruración.

Induction Hardening

Induction Hardening in high, medium and low frequency at 25, 50 and 100 kW. Great flexibility in diameters.

Mecanizado CNC y Fresado

Centros de Mecanizado de control numerico de 4 ejes.

We want to put our experience to work for you.

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